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      Home and Personal
         Vacuum thermos
         Tin box
         Bamboo household items
         Plastic household items
         Pets items
         Wine sets
         Beauty items
         Door Stopper
      School and Office
         Memo pad and portfolio
         Bamboo Office item
         Wooden pen
         Pen and gift sets
         Helpful little things in office
         High lighter and markers
         Paint set and Artist brushes
         Stationery Set
         Writing Board And Memo Board
         Notebook and Paper item
      Travel and Leisure
         Caps hats
         Accessories for travel and leisure
         Beach items
         Games and sports
         Umbrellas and raincoat
         Adventure sets
      Bags and trolleys
         Bags and trolleys
         Computer and document bags
         Waist bag and wallet
         Cosmetic bag
         Shopping bags
         Felt bag
      Auto accessories and Tools
         Car accessories
         Trunk Organizer
         Garden tools
      Electronic gifts
         Electric fan
         Usb flash drives
         Usb hubs
      Health and Fitness
         Personal care
         Health and fitness
         Yoga items
         Hula hoop
      Premiums and Festival Gifts
         Wedding and party items
         Events promotion
         Antistress PU products
         Other promtion gifts
         Keyring with light
         Metal Keyring
         Other keyrings
         Measuring tapes
      Green gifts
         Biodegradable stationery gifts
         Recycled bags
         Natural products
         Green Energy products
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      About Us
      Location:Home í˙ IPRO Plus í˙ About Us

      IPRO Creative Co.,Ltd(IPRO Gifts Plus Co.,Ltd) is a professional trading company, which mainly deal with daily-use,bags and trolleys,health and fitness,travel and leisure,Auto accessories,school and office,festival and promotional gifts items.

      We are always looking for new items,and we also create,design and invest new items. We know how to increase our customerí»s competitive power.We pride ourselves on our commitment in offering our customers the best possible service and the most exceptional values.

      Since 2007,IPRO has provided first-class service to supermarkets, importers, wholesalers, chain store owners and other types of merchants and businesses from all over the world.Mainly to Europe,North America,Latin America and Australia,Such as Sweden,Denmark,Germany,Switzerland,France,U.K.,Spain,Canada,U.S.A.,Japan, Mexico,Brazil,Chile,etc.

      IPRO has strong and professional sales and purchasing working team,make every shipment fast and smoothly.With the same quality,our products' prices will cheer you up!You can trust our sourcing ability and sincerity.Hope we'll not only be business cooperators but also reliable good friends after we know each other better.

      Welcome to be our colleague
      Welcome to be our colleague,No matter what country you live in. :-)
      Pls send E-mail to:admin@iproplus.com

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